Watch my video to see how I'm competing with RON

Profiles in Ink: The Power of Automated Notary Appointments.

Great information. But I did not see exactly how that has a lot to do with RON, as I know it. RON is so new and there is not a lot of detail info out there yet. I’ m not very techy. I need great detail on RON. I have search videos and still have not found anything. The ones I do find are the people talking about other parts of notary not RON. It would be great if someone could post a video on RON: how to actually use it, what are the steps, what do you actually do from start to finish when you preform a RON. Maybe starting with finding a company to sign up with.
Thank you so much for what you do,
Virginia area

Hi Jeanine,

I just wanted to share with the community a tool that I am using to compete with the convenience of RON. I plan to do more videos this year explaining my advocacy work and how notaries across the country can get involved with the legislative process in their states. Stay tuned!

This type of video information is attracting new notaries like flies. LOW BALLING notaries. If they want to bring new notaries into the fold they should be training self employment - owning a business comes with a COST $$$$ and they need to encourage profit capable fees. We are being flooded with new notaries back to low balling with fees. And title companies are scooping it up.


Hi Jeanine. Here is a demo on the Notarize platform to give you a taste of what a signing looks like

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