What accounting software if any do you use for your Notary Business?

I am looking for an accounting program that I can purchase (not subscribe) and download on my computer (not a cloud base) so that I can access my files anytime without internet connection. I was going to use Quickbooks but they are now subscription based and has an annual fee to use their software.

Anyone using another program that is user friendly and can track accounts payable and receivables?

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I always used Quicken Home & Office - worked for me. Created invoices, tracked mileage and did everything I needed. don’t like cloud-based either

I used Quick books but its not easy and a bit costly. I am going to try Notary Gadget, thats what most notarys seem to be using. right now its just pen and paper :slight_smile:

I use notary gadget. Very easy to use and it does everything for you such as sending invoices and calculating mileage…

I use Notary Gadget. I tried out 3 a ND found the reporting on this to be the best.

If you have multiple business types, like tax prep also and notary, or rental homes, etc. i would say Quikbooks. It does have a 1 time download and does not need to be bought yearly unless you want the bill pay features and client pay features

I’m a new notary (just passed exam waiting on commission), do you enter your education under the licensing category?