When you respond to a signing alert....HELP

What should happen next?? This past Friday, I responded to a signing with National Loan Closers for a refinance closing that is scheduled to take place today at 6:30pm near my home. But I haven’t heard anything from the company and saw that specific closing as “unavailable” However, when I look at my response activity report it says the reference number for the closing and the address. Does this mean, I am assigned to the closing? I haven’t received any paperwork etc.

I am following this. I wonder the same thing. This happened to me yesterday

If you are notified by phone the job is yours. If by text or email you are likely not the only one getting the notice. Some will tell you if you do not get the job, most will not. Most times it is whoever responds first.

No, you have not been assigned the signing. If you had, you would have received a confirmation from the sender

Thanks a lot for your response.

Thanks a lot for your response. I didn’t know how to gauge it.

you have to go to their web site and get the confirmation and your closing package, they don’t send e-mail or call when package is ready to down load. They are VERY slow at paying.

Industry standard is that, upon acceptance of terms you are sent an assignment sheet from the signing company. That is your contract with them for the specific assignment. In the 4 or 5 I completed for NLC before dumping them as a waste of time, I had to call twice to get my sheet. If I don’t receive an assignment or confirmation, I do not reserve the time on my calendar.

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Thanks for this insight, Judikidd. It seems that although I reply to their alerts, I don’t get assigned. Which is confusing to me as well.

I got a notification and did a signing for them about two weeks ago. I noticed that they’re part of another service as well, which has me confused. Let’s see what happens with the payment.