Accounting Software Platforms

If anyone is looking for an accounting software platform, Notary Gadget is great.
I recently started using and it is the bomb I LOVE it!! The best accounting software I’ve found for Notaries so far.
I am so glad someone came up with the idea. It is easy to navigate and boy what a relief.
Building a business is overwhelming enough and I am very happy I found an easy & user friendly way to keep track of my mileage and P&L only wish I started it sooner.
Please share your thoughts and other companies you use and like.


I’ve heard NG is great for notaries. However, I use Wave Payments as my accounting and invoicing platform because notarial services are just one of the services I provide as part of my business, a technical writing and review service (that’s where the notary work comes in at). I only wish WP had a mileage tracking feature built in, but since they don’t, I use Everlance which has been great so far.