Documents 8x14"

I’m new at this and just wondering what documents require 8x14 print ?

There’s no hard and fast rule, basically whatever documents the lender, attorney and title company decide that they want on legal (8 1/2 x 14) sized paper. Some files will have no legal pages, other files could be all legal, and then some files could be any combination in between…

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Just make sure you print the documents as directed by your contracting company. They will normally either want you to print them on the same size paper that that the PDF page sizes are, or they will tell you to print them all legal.

It’s often very difficult to tell what size the documents are when the document stack contains a mix of legal and letter sizes. It wasn’t long before I decided I needed a printer with dual trays, one filled with letter size and the other filled with legal, and to let Adobe Acrobat Reader figure out what size each page is and automatically select the correct paper tray. LIfe really got a whole lot easier after that. I’ve been using my dual-tray Brother HL-L8200DW which is a laser (most firms require a laser printer) for several years and it has been a solid workhorse.

For the last two or three decades, there has been a constant trend from legal size towards letter paper in most areas of law, banking and government.

However, these three areas are also slow to change. It may be many decades before a transition is substantially complete.

The use of letter vs. legal often depends upon the locations of the attorneys, banks, closing agents, recording jurisdiction, etc.

While I sometimes get an ‘all-letter-size’ package (about <1% of closings), it is by far the exception rather than the rule.

For the meantime, a dual tray printer (or page separator software), to me is a necessity.


Yes, If the document is in legal size, you must print it in legal size. Period. There is a reason they chose that size paper for that specific document. So don’t resize it to letter, what ever you do…

Legal paper expensive, I buy a case at a time at Amazon. I buy 10-20 case at a time at Fry Electronics, but their prices have even gone up.Got to shop around.

Good luck

I agree there is a movement away from legal. With paper costs sky rocketing, especially legal size, I started asking if all docs can be printed on letter size paper. Since I began asking this question I’ve only had 1 assignment that said it had to be size specific. The interesting aspect of that 1 assignment is that all the docs that would be recorder were on letter size paper. Fifteen pages were a large 1003 that were letter size but had been scanned to the file as legal size. Only 2 pages were truly legal size.

When in Adobe Reader, you can ‘show thumbnails’, which makes the size visible along the left side of the screen.
Click ‘view’ > ‘show/hide’ > ‘navigation pane’ > ‘page thumbnails’… and a scrollable, numbered list appears on the left side of your screen. You can ‘click’ these miniature pages and it will only print those you’ve chosen.

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