Demand Letter for non-payment? Have you ever?

So you’ve completed multiple closings and yet the signing service still has yet to pay you for any of your completed closings.

After you’ve followed up and completed all your due diligence regarding non- payment of services and still you’ve received no payments, perhaps you may consider writing a demand letter. I’m on the verge.

Have you ever delivered a demand letter for non-payment of services rendered?

Sure, but if they weren’t going to pay you before, it’s not likely such a letter is going to change anything. Unethical businesses are unethical businesses all the time, not just sometimes.

How much money are you talking about, and how long has it been owed to you?

I have two delinquent companies for nonpayment. I sent demand letter via email to the first one and followed up daily by email since they blocked my calls. Just today I received email response that they paid electronically. I have not seen it hit yet, but I’m watching. I will never do business with them again. Then the second delinquent company has 8 different closings they are delinquent in paying me. The unpaid closings span from January up through June. Hundreds of dollars. And, yes, 6 months of closings not paid for that I closed for them. I sent demand letters via email to the signing business re: each delinquent payment and for each letter I emailed per each closing I included cc: the title company’s escrow officer for each closing to make escrow officers/title companies aware of who they are doing business with. I will never work for either of the two aforementioned signing services again. I have closed many transactions and have never had this kind of problem. I could have been sneaky and blind copied the title companies, but I wanted the notary business to know I included the escrow officer. I don’t like dealing with shady people. So…we shall see what happens. Two of the title officers opened and read my collections email as I put read receipts on all the emails. The signing company only opened one of my eight email I sent today. It hacks me off that the title company paid the company that hired me and I didn’t get paid my money, not for any of the closings, 8 of them!!! Anyhoo…at least I put them on blast. I will be following up come Monday.

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Oh crap, you’re in kinda deep with these people, whoever they may be. Probably located in another state somewhere, too, making it cost-prohibitive to chase after them legally given the amounts you’re owed being relatively small. I’m sorry to hear of this dilemna. I would have done exactly what you did, too–let the title company know they should choose carefully when seeking out notary signing services.

I had that happen to me. Here are the steps I was told to take and it worked.

  1. You need to contact the title company who used the signing service that contracted with you. If they refuse to help, let them know you holding them responsible.

  2. If they refuse to get the service to pay or to pay you, send 3 emails with a copy of the invoices attached marked PAST DUE, spaced about a week or two apart requesting payment with the warning that unless payment is made, you will be taking further action. Make sure you include in the Subject heading the words “First/Second/Third Notice” depending on which notice is being sent

  3. They still refuse after 3 emails, contact you state government office and find the division responsible for title companies compliance and get them involved. They will tell you the steps needed to recover payment.

When I did this with the division here in Virginia, I was told to send a copy of all the emails sent in trying to recover payment, along with copies of the invoices, and they would look into it. Virginia let the title company know that if payment was not made, they would be prohibited from doing business anywhere in the Commonwealth. I received payment within a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps

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I directed my concerns to the title company, who hired them.


WOW. YOU MADE MY SUMMER! Thank you so very much for your time and sharing this incredibly helpful information that I will keep in a file so I can pull up if I ever need. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. THANK YOU. :smile:


thank you, I appreciate your input/information.

Yes, unfortunately, I did not take any action earlier on as I probably should have. I kept thinking the payments will hit soon…6 months later here I am! Wow, I cannot believe people act like that when they are automatically held to a higher standard of ethics as notaries and signing agents. I mean, yo, you can’t even have a driving ticket on your record. To go through all the hoops to do business then they get paid by title for my services and they keep my money. If this isn’t motivation to go 100% direct and/or change agreements to be paid UPON SERVICES RENDERED than I don’t know what is. LOL :sob:

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Yes and i used a NNA template and it worked.(free for everyone) I did however, have to find his last name which took time. Interestingly, he also worked with the escrow company and on yelp had a reputation of not paying notaries. At that point i was on a mission to get payment. NNA encouraged us notaries to do this because it holds these people accountable to avoid a pandemic of non payers.

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